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So far I've had great success using UniTiled and it's easy enough to manipulate the imported objects after they're in Unity. I do see there are warning in the console about unused code and obsolete function usage though. Is there a plan to update/final release this tool? I understand how demanding school can be, I'm also a graduate so I share your pain.


I am not sure what Unity version reported these issues. Last version I have tested with was 2018. I realize that there are missing features that prevents me from going with final release soon -- mainly, isometric maps are not yet supported.

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Maybe a version 0.10 at some point? I don't use isometric maps right now so it's not interesting for me. I'm using Unity 2019.3.15f (latest personal version available). I have logs for the warning messages and also logs for sometimes when it throws an error and refuses to import until unity restarts. Do you have the code in a respiratory like github where I can make comments and offer a commit? Also, I'm interested in giving something if money helps.


I adore this plugin for Unity because I think the map making tool in Unity is hot garbage. Thank you for making this and making it work so well with Tiled. I really enjoy using Tiled and this makes importing TMX maps far easier.


Thanks for the positive feedback. Looking forward to make it better. Any suggestions are welcomed :)

Does Unity 2018.3.14f1 work with this plugin?

Will there be a tutorial for importing an orthographic map from Tiled?


Importing ortho tiles is not yet supported. I will hopefully add it in a future release; but I am lacking spare time to do it these days.

Thanks for taking the time to answer! :)