What-if you have not taken the choice you made already in your life? Well, they say that, in a parallel universe, you can experience the other path of your life - the one you would have created by NOT taking that choice; or by making another decision than the one you had. This game is my submission for the 9th Game Zanga jam


  • 2D-art: Kenney
  • Sound effects: Kenney
  • Music (looperman.com):
    • "Cheesy Toy Surf Organ" by HoABeat
    • "Looped" by btlbeatle
    • "Super Clean Melody" by djkhaledsson
    • "Psycho" by danke


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Nice idea, smooth gameplay but i got stuck in a place where no doors are accessible :|

Move to a parallel universe where you have not taken the action that got you  stuck 😎